Westwood T40 Garden Tractor 2WD c/w 38" XRD Deck

Product Code : ZW-T40-2WD

RRP: £3999.00

£3679.00 Save £320.00


A feature packed garden tractor for gardens of around one acre

The T40 is a fully specified Westwood with a single cylinder 546cc Ariens engine. With a 97cm (38”) XRD cutter deck, the T40 is perfect for gardens with around one acre of lawn to cut or where there are specific limitations for access.

The T40 features a power take-off. This allows you to drive accessories such as the PGC+, Broadcast Spreader or Snow Blade.

  • Foot controlled transmission. A Westwood is so easy to drive. One pedal controls forward speed and the other reverse. The further you press the pedal, the faster you travel.
  • Robust controls. All levers, controls and switches found on a Westwood are built and tested to withstand continuous use.
  • Engines. Westwood only fit premium quality engines from Kawasaki and Ariens.
  • Heavy-duty, durable construction. Features such as a cast front axle (T Series) and a reinforced cutter deck design means that a Westwood will outlast most other machines available on the market. Each and every component used on the tractor is selected and tested for its durability in ‘real life’ use.
  • Power take-off. Power to drive the grass collector and accessories is taken directly from the engine. An independent clutch allows you to use the PTO to power accessories with the cutting blades disengaged.
  • Automotive-style steering. The ball bearing steering found on the T and F Series is easy to use and tough enough to withstand the knocks and bumps of everyday use.
  • Ergonomically designed for easy access and operation. The unique steering wheel design and seat operation (T and F Series) allows easy access on and off the tractor. Switches and controls are intuitive to use and are positioned within comfortable reach of the operator.
  • Operating Management System (OMS). OMS is a simple to use dashboard display showing running hours, Powered Grass Collector and cutter deck status.