Westwood Powered Broadcast Spreader

Product Code : ZW-PSB

RRP: £999.00

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Powered Broadcast Spreader

The power take-off fitting on Westwood’s lawn tractors might seem like a small detail at first, but it can be used to drive a range of accessories that vastly increase the versatility and functionality of your ride-on mower. One such accessory is this natty broadcast spreader, perfect for quickly and efficiently distributing seeds, fertiliser or sand across larger areas.

Hitching to the rear of your ride-on mower, the spreader’s durable plastic hopper holds up to 50kg and can be filled with any material you need disseminating across your lawn, while the rate of flow can be adjusted to ensure effective and even spreading whatever the job. During the winter months, the spreader can even be used to distribute grit or salt on roads, paths and driveways to help keep them ice-free and safe, making the broadcast spreader a perennially useful piece of equipment to have in your mowing arsenal.