AgeaLube Hedgetrimmer Spray - 400ml


RRP: £10.00

An all-in-one biodegradable lubricant and resin solvent. Use to lubricate hedge clipper blades, remove resin build-up, protect against acids and prevent rust formation. Keep on working without having to stop to unclog blades. Agealube Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray is also an eco-friendly, fully biodegradable substance. Lubricating blades also saves on fuel, thereby reducing CO2 emission levels!

Always spray hedge clipper blades before use. NB: Respray blades at regular intervals during use to remove resin build-up on blades. Once finished, apply two or three coats to blades to form an antirust protection layer. Respray blades every few weeks if left idle for an extended period. Agealube Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray is also suitable for use with other tools, e.g. to clean chain saws before use.