Aspen 4 - 1 Litre Bottle

Product Code : AS-ASPEN4T 1L

RRP: £5.20

4-stroke alkylate petrol for all types of 4-stroke engines.

Aspen 4 is the ideal fuel for your lawnmower as it reduces harmful emissions and can be left in the tank without affecting the fuel system. Your machine will easily start even after prolonged periods of storage with Aspen in the tank. Not only is Aspen 4 a superb fuel for your lawnmower, but also the perfect choice for your petrol fuelled generators, stoves, lanterns, outboard engines and anything else that runs on unleaded petrol.

Better for Man, Machine and the Environment


  • Aspen is virtually free of benzene, a compound recognised as causing cancer
  • Aspen is very low in aromatics and olefins, both identified as very harmful
  • Easy starting and pre-mixed – convenient!
  • Aspen has less odour – provides a more pleasant working environment


  • Clean burning fuel – your engine stays cleaner, resulting in less maintenance and a longer engine life
  • Aspen remain stable for up to 5 years


  • Aspens fuel is low in olefins. Olefins are compounds identified as contributing to the formation of ground level ozone which is harmful to the environment
  • Aspen 2 contains biodegradable, very high quality synthetic oil which has up to 60% renewable content

Ethanol Free

  • Normal pump petrol contains an amount of ethanol which is not only aggressive to machine parts, but absorbs moisture from the air which increases the corrosion in the fuel system and could result in starting problems. Aspen is ethanol free and could therefore save you from an expensive repair bill and inconvenience.